Pot O’ Gold


  • 200mg of THC
  • Lucky Charms and marshmallow Cereal Bar
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Pot O’ Gold Bars are made with the best ingredients and 200mg of THC to deliver a tasty treat that packs a potent punch. Each bar is made with fresh, gooey, cannabis-infused marshmallows and crunchy Lucky Charms cereal that will both satisfy your taste buds and send you into outer space.

When you tear open the package, your nose will immediately detect the vaguely sweet smell of marshmallow along with the familiar, comforting smell of the cereal you loved as a kid. If you’re not used to edibles, just a bite or two should do the trick for you, but experienced users may want to consume up to 50% of a bar or more in one sitting to achieve the desired end result.

You can expect a euphoric high that’s rich with body sensations, introspection and ends in a deeply relaxing and meditative mind state.

  1. maheur

    Another fantastic cereal bar from The cure parlour. I had tried this in a cookie bundle and it was not disappointing to say the least. Grab it before it’s gone.

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