Dream Jars


Dream Jars are a new product from The Cure Parlour, that is sure to send you off to Dreamland happy.

Each Dream Jar is made with our in-house (way better than store bought) Marshmallow Fluff, and layered with it’s own complimenting flavors. Good luck picking just one out of the three flavors, because, they are all so delicious in their own right.

Each Jar has 300mg of THC

Cookie Butter Dream Jar – Marshmallow Fluff, layered with Cookie Butter, which is a creation that is the consistency of Peanut Butter (with no nuts) but tastes like cookies, and finished off with pretzels.

Dulce Dream Jar – Marshmallow Fluff, layered with Dulce De Leche, then finished with moist and chewy brownies.

Peanut Butter Cup Dream Jar – Marshmallow Fluff, layered with PB Cup Sauce (not PB, but more like the PB inside a PB Cup) and finished with mini PB Cups.


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Earn up to 20 Munchies Bucks.

You’re in for it now. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than our cookie dough jars, we bring you dream jars.

Dream Jar Type

Cookie Butter, Dulce, PB Cup, Cookie Butter 150mg

  1. Nicole Strolenberg (verified owner)

    The Dulce dream jar was amazing. It tasted so good and it hit me hard. Don’t even know what happened, woke up well rested.

  2. Desi G (verified owner)

    Ordered the Dulce de leche and PB.
    Haven’t had the PB jar yet but omg that DDL was so yummy! Hard to pace yourself on these ones!!! Actually brownie bites within the marshmallows!!

  3. Shay (verified owner)

    Ok…. the peanut butter dream jar was absolutely the best edible ever … actually may be one of the tastiest desserts I’ve had in forever !! Order this ! You will not regret this at all !

  4. milesgilchrist (verified owner)

    Got the dulce jar and was blown away, hope these become a regular item!

  5. breacee

    Cookie butter jar was oooh my gosh- So delicious! I absolutely adored this one

  6. Sarah Reid (verified owner)

    The PB one is AH MAY ZING! I legit scraped the jar with my finger lol the layers really worked well together and it wasnt too much sweetness.

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