Cotton Candy Pillows


  • 100mg of THC per Pillow
  • 2x Pillows Per Pack (200mg total)
  • Cotton Candy Flavored Marshmallows.
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What is softer than cotton candy, but tastes just as good? Our fresh, made in-house Cotton Candy Pillows. In all of our marshmallows, the actual marshmallow itself is infused, we never spray anything, and everything we have is made by us, in-house. Bite into one and be brought back instantly to when you were a kid waiting in line at the Ferris Wheel.

  1. Jenny-Rae Carpenter (verified owner)

    Loved these and there pretty! They do the job well. The colors are vibrant and well mixed to give the look of cotton candy. Only thing is I wish they were a touch more cotton candy flavor just a touch

  2. dparker9911 (verified owner)

    Smelt like the fair! Stayed in tact during shipping! Very pleased

  3. breacee (verified owner)

    Delicious and the best marshmallow texture! I love these intensely and I have a pack hidden for a special occasion

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