Cookie Pillow


  • 300mg of THC
  • Mini Cookie Cereal Bar
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This incredible gift looks like a cloud floated down from the skies and promised to make all of your frowns into smiles if you’d just open up and take a bite. Jam-packed with 300mg of THC, a heaping helping of gooey marshmallows and a handful of flavorful cookie crisp cereal, the Cookie Pillow is really something special when it comes to cannabis-infused edibles.

You’ll taste lots and lots of little chocolate chip cookies when you bite a chunk out of one of these Cereal bars. You can expect an intense high that lasts between four and six hours and includes feelings of euphoria along with deep body relaxation. If you’re not used to some of the body tingles and sensations that often occur with edibles, try eating just a little at first before experimenting with more, or splitting the bar with 2-4 friends to share the experience.

  1. Squiggs

    This tasty treat will most definitely do the trick! It’s very potent, but doesn’t have the overwhelming plant taste (you know the one, where everything you eat and drink after has that taste?) that some edibles out there do. HIGHly recommend.

  2. dparker9911 (verified owner)

    Super tasty, IM a bigger guy, and half of this has me out like a light in the best way possible.

  3. Shane Eastwood (verified owner)

    My favorite edible. Super yummy. Gives a nice happy high and relaxes at the same time.
    Easy to dose by counting the number of little cookies you eat.

  4. Emma

    Love these things! Taste delicious and gets me ripped

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