Wonderland Bark


  • 200mg of THC
  • There is no way to properly describe Wonderland bark. Just look at it.
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Wonderland Bark is a candy creation from The Cure Parlour like nothing you have ever had before. Ever. Nothing I can write here will prepare you for this chocolaty, sugary, wonderful delight, that will turn your senses upside, and shatter everything you thought you knew about edibles.

  1. Rebecca McNally (verified owner)

    I have ordered this twice and now waiting on my third batch. This is one of the best edibles I have ever had! The chocolate is great, the toppings are fresh. No complaints!

  2. maheur

    I have ordered so many of these I can’t even keep count. These are easily one of my top three favourite items that comes out of the cure parlour. You will definitely not be disappointed!! What are you waiting for! Order yourself some and then when you’re done order me some too!! Yum !!

  3. Osthrys (verified owner)

    I mean, what’s not to love here? Just look at it!! Definitely will give you a toothache, but so worth it. Really jazzed up Thanksgiving dinner this year! 😉

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