COVID-19 Measures We Have Taken
We have taken very strict measures during the outbreak of COVID-19, and we wanted to make sure you were aware we are more than likely leading the industry in these strict measures, which include:

  • We broke our operations up into multiple sections. Shipping, production of food, production of concentrates, production of oils are all being done in separate facilities.
  • We have limited to the number of people in each facility to 2 people.
  • The front door is “quarantined” form the rest of the facility. When a person enters, they strip all of their clothes, sanitize, and use a UV disinfectant wand to insure zero outside germs make their way in the facilities. Their clothes that are left in the quarantine front room area and are disinfected as well.
  • Inside production areas, full hazmat suits, n100 gas masks, and full length sterile nitrile gloves are worn.

Open Hours and Shipping

We will only open every 2-3 weeks for the duration of this pandemic. But be warned we have been selling out in one day when we open.

Processing may take an extra 2-3 days before your order ships. I know that is a bit of a hassle but with our limited team, and the deals we have been giving out, this is the absolute fastest we can get packages out, without these extra couple of days we wouldn’t be able to open to allow you to stock up, but we will do everything in our power to make sure everything moves along as fast as possible. Also due to limited team members, your tracking number will come directly from Canada Post in an email, so please watch for that 🙂

Canada Post is also dealing with Christmas level shipments currents as they have released, in most cases they have been great and on time, but if there are a few days behind, just know the entire country (and world) is feeling your pain, but there isn’t anything us or anyone can really do aside from being patient.

We really appreciate your patience in case of any minor delays. If problems due arise due to COVID delays, please be aware we are unable to give refunds, and all compensation will be given in form of credit.

Please Note: Packaging may change slightly based on availability, sometimes packaging is held longer than normal by customs etc right now and we have to switch things up a bit!

We are taking this very seriously to ensure our staff and customers stay healthy and medicated during this tough time on our nation and the world.
As always if you have any questions, or we can do anything at all while you are in the house and isolated, just let us know!
The Cure Parlour Team

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