Frequently Asked Questions

Guys, We get it. But everyone goes through it. It's hard to ship during December and when you add COVID to that, it can get crazy! We still offer 2-3 days shipping, because in lots of cases it is still fine, but most it is not. The reason you may still want to select this is because you will still get your order faster this way. But if it is late there isn't really much we can do on our end. We appreciate you being as patient as possible during the holiday season.
-Generally all orders ship same or next business day. -If we are having a sale allow an extra day or two for processing due to high volume.
We ship all across Canada.
Unfortunately with COVID Canada Post has been dealing with higher than Christmas level shipping. So some items may be a little late. This isn't as bad as when COVID first happened, but it still happens here and there. Unfortunately this is a problem the entire country is dealing with and we will just have to be strong and patient while they work through it. We cannot give refunds or credits for lateness due to Canada Post.
Yes, you will get an email from us when your order is finished processing and an email directly from Canada Post with your tracking. We do this because we want to store as little info in our system as possible.
-We guarantee all orders will get to you or we will replace the order or give you a credit. -If your order says delivered then it is out of our hands, and there is nothing we can do. Unfortunately we understand packages are sometimes stolen etc But if we allowed for exceptions here, then literally everyone could say they didn't get their package.
Unfortunately we cannot do anything about any packages returned to sender due to this. They do not come back to us. Once shipped we will never see them again!
We can never give actual money refunds. We can give replacements or credit depending on the situation and what is in stock. But we will never be able to give a refund.
All of our products are made with D9 Distillate that is generally a 50/50 Hybrid or very close to it.
We have been in business since 2015.
We have taken very strict measures during the outbreak of COVID-19, and we wanted to make sure you were aware we are more than likely leading the industry in these strict measures, which include: -We broke our operations up into multiple sections. Shipping, production of food, production of concentrates, production of oils are all being done in separate facilities. -We have limited to the number of people in each facility to 2 people. -The front door is "quarantined" form the rest of the facility. When a person enters, they strip all of their clothes, sanitize, and use a UV disinfectant wand to insure zero outside germs make their way in the facilities. Their clothes that are left in the quarantine front room area and are disinfected as well. -Inside production areas, full hazmat suits, n100 gas masks, and full length sterile nitrile gloves are worn.
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